Let's Play Hard Ball in 2023 !

Lawrenceburg Gamblers

Miami Valley Roy Hobbs League Team for SE Indiana / Cincinnati West Side

Next Game: Third annual exhibition game vs. The Tri-City Gems!

Come out and see us play one last game in 2023 -- a post season game to benefit Voices of Indiana. The game is scheduled for October 1, 2023, 3pm, at Lawrenceburg Conservancy Field #5.

The 2023 baseball season is over. We ended the season with our best record so far, 2 Wins, 15 Losses, and 1 Tie.

Just the facts: 


We are the newest team in the Cincinnati Legends Division of the Miami Valley Roy Hobbs League. 2023 was our third season.

Who: Legends Division is for players who are age 50 or over. The 2023 season is over, but we will be practicing and recruiting for the 2024 season. Click here to contact me if you are interested.

When: The season runs about 16 games between late April and mid September, usually on Wednesday or Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons.

Where: Games are played on various full sized fields around the greater Cincinnati and Dayton Areas. Outdoor practices will be at the Lawrenceburg Conservancy Field which is Here. Indoor practices at MVP Indoors in Harrison or The Train Station in Sunman, Indiana.

Why: A thousand reasons, but mostly baseball is too much fun to be left to pros and kids. (like those 30s league guys)

Just the FAQs:

Q. Isn’t this softball?

A. No. Real Baseball, hard ball, overhand pitching, lead-offs, base stealing, curve balls…

Q. How much does this cost?

A. Well, it depends. Each year the league works out how much it costs per team to cover expenses such as umpires, field rentals, insurance, etc. Costs have recently increased so the numbers of the last few years aren't a very good indication. It is then up to each team to divide that cost by the number of players on the roster. So, costs vary depending on the expenses and on the number of players on a team's roster. At a guess, about $175 in league fees before the season begins. Outdoor practices are free.

Q. Speaking of expenses, what about equipment?

A. Good point. You'll need:

Shoes: Plastic cleats highly recommended

Bat: At least one, wooden.

Fielding Glove

Batting Helmet: With earflap

Baseball Pants

Uniform: The team makes a bulk order for uniform shirt and hat, but there is a cost which varies and has been rising -- budget about $90. Players provide their own baseball pants.

Other gear by personal comfort level or position: mouth guard, cup, batting gloves, catcher's equipment, first base mitt, etc.

Play it Again Sports is a great source for usable gear at a good price, there are probably others.

Q. I don't know, sounds like fun, but I'm not as young as I used to be... do you think I can still play?

A. Impossible to say, you'd know best. For perspective, be aware the league has guys who are in their 70s and even 80s playing. We don't do team physicals, but strongly suggest you consult with your doctor before playing just to be on the safe side.

Q. What do you mean by “full sized” field?

A. 90' base paths, 60'6” pitching distances, very challenging home run fences.

Q. How competitive is this? Do you keep score?

A. Moderately Competitive, yes we keep score, and teams are definitely trying to win. Having said that, the emphasis is on fun and sportsmanship and we try to keep a good balance so everyone gets a chance to play. Some of the rules have been adjusted to maintain competitiveness while accommodating the age of the players.

Q. Rules? Do you have a rule book?

A. Yes: https://www.leaguelineup.com/handouts.asp?url=mvrhbl

Q. Seriously, how good do I have to be to make the team?

A. Seriously? Not very. This is a new team and it is more important to have enough players on the roster. A team is guaranteed to lose every game they forfeit because not enough guys show up. A forfeit is far worse than losing – you lose and don't even get a chance to play.

Q. Aww, come on, give me something, how good do I need to be?

A. Alright. Let's put it this way, if you can't jog 90 feet without stopping and throw a baseball about 50 feet, you're probably better off practicing with us this year and having a go next year.

Q. This sounds great, but what if I'm not over 50?

A. This particular team and league (Cincinnati Legends) is for over 50, but there are two more leagues and several other teams. Check out the MVRH site or email me for more details.

Q. What geographic area is included?

A. We don't mind where you come from if you don't mind the drive. So far we have players from Aurora, Batesville, Colerain, Osgood, Sunman, and White Oak. As mentioned above, we practice at the Conservancy Field in Lawrenceburg, and at the Train Station in Sunman or MVP Indoors in Harrison.

Q. OK, how do I sign up?

A. Email me at Jswartz@JSwartz.net to sign up for the team, or if you have more questions for the list.

For more information, contact John Swartz at JSwartz@JSwartz.net